Rocking Singlehood

Stand in a stream with waters around your ankles. The waters that pass by you at that moment,you will never see again. So it is with the misery that has challenged your life: let it go,let it pass away. ~ Bishop T.D Jakes,  Woman Thou art Loosed.

Happy thursday peeps. How you doing?
I have been reading The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian not because I am getting married any time soon but for knowledge purposes. A lot of time we pray for a spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend but do we know how to handle them when they come? Can we even discern if they are the one?

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Other than that, I think, in my opinion that it's sad to wait or to spend your time waiting for some one to complete you. No one is responsible for your happiness apart from you, and placing your happiness on another person is a burden.

Don't rush, don't sit around waiting for  that someone, if anything he won't come knocking on your door with a bouquet of flowers. Choose life, choose to be happy, go out there and make it.

My definition of single: If you only buy groceries for one person, You Are Single.

Now because we are not sitting around  waiting for prince charming, what are we doing?
  • Get a hobby : I love blogging and fashion,novels, the arts and I spend quite some time going through blogs,vlogs, magazines etc. Though blogging  is a hobby, I look foward to it being my business part time or even full time. Hobies may or may not pay but the sense of satisfaction is overwhelming. As I write this listening to Come to the Table by Sidewalk Prophets, I feel so alive. Hobbies add to skills, keep you busy and mortivated and get you out of the house. When running low on ideas, Pinterest is always there for inspiration so download the app.
  •  Date  yourself : This might sound weird, but how well do you know yourself? What triggers you? Inspires you? Your purpose? What are you constantly thinking about? How will you discover yourself if you are afraid to be alone and constantly inviting people over? So visit new places, meet new people, go out alone and take instagram worthy photos 😜😉. I've found that going on walks in the morning or evening is a great way to connect with yourself and nature . It's also a great way to explore the  city and clear your head.
  • Volunteer work: This is a great way to give back to the community while learning something new,and meeting new people. It also gets you out of the house. Look for events, charities, in your community or even the red cross. You can also join a choir and improve on the vocals. I will be a social media volunteer at WordPress WordCamp this weekend at the Michael Joseph centre and I am looking foward to that. I have another wordpress site so check that out
 That's it and as always;
Listening to Come to the Table by SideWalk Prophets
Reading : The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian

Comment down below what keeps you busy and how you embrace singlehood