Tips 101 on Great , Thick, Natural Hair

The Great Divide: God's order has to work up a crisis in our lives because we will not heed the gentler way. He brings us to a place where He asks us to be our utmost for Him, and we begin to debate, then He produces a providential crisis where we have to decide for or against and from that point, the "Great Divide" begins. ~ Oswald Chambers~ My Utmost for His Highest.

 I once had really good long hair, especially in  my freshman year of  highschool. However most schools in Kenya requires students to straighten their hair which translates to heat damaged hair. Over the four years, I lost the length and thickness which I am trying to bring back to life.

I have been natural since January and it has been a struggle but what I love is that I  finally understand my hair and I don't have to rely only on braiding,weaves or wigs as hair styles. So the first tip would be;

1. Avoid heat.
Avoid heat at all costs. This year I have blow dried my hair twice. You can opt for other length retaining  hairstyles that are hair friendly. Accept your kinky curly hair and love your tresses. African was not meant to be straight. Only then can you move on to a healthy hair regiment as you begin to understand what your hair needs and responds to.

2. Natural Oils

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 I am not going to sell you expensive products that at times don't get the work done, or growth oils that may react on your scalp. Pure oils like, Olive, Coconut and Argan oils are easily absorbed by hair shafts and are great protein treatments.

I find it hard to believe that eggs and mayonnaise work as a protein treatment. Egg proteins are way too large for the hair shaft and are not hydrolysed. Plus how do you get the smell and eggy consistency off your hair?

I have noticed that my hair responds immensely to olive hair. The two were  made for each other. While that is the case for my hair, it may not be the same for you so I suggest trying out different oils and rating them according to how your hair responds to them.
On the other hand, my hair doesn't respond to coconut oil with the same enthusiasm. I'm currently using coconut oil but I'll be going back to my olive oil.

3. Moisturise
I don't use any fancy moisturiser unless am styling my hair in which case I'll use Cantu. Basically, my moisturiser is water mixed with olive oil into a water bottle  spray,  and voila, moisturiser.
I'd recommend you adding lavender or rosemary water if you are using coconut because coconut has an off smell and am not about to spend the whole day smelling like coconut

So those are my three hair tips. Tips 101 from Sarah Nderi. if you're just transitioning, I'd recommend you follow this tips and make YouTube your bae. I know you're going through information overload from the internet on how to transition but trust me, you'll find your path.

Stick around for hair styling tips for transitioners and new sistas on the block.

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