Frequently Asked Questions

Death and life are in the power of the  tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit there of. ~ Proverbs 18:18

Since  starting this blog, there has been a series of questions from you guys which I narrowed to four questions. I figured I can always refer to this blog post any time that am called to answer any of them. So lets do this.

Why the name DisMuide? 
DisMuide is a pet name that's close to my heart, Dis is from a Luo song and Muide is from Mundia a Kikuyu traditional name. When I was young my dad used to sing me some Luo song and  am named after my grandmother whose  traditional name is Wa Mundia. So there you go, African Kinship.

Why don't you model ?
I'm in school and have been in school for as long as I could remember. I'll be done this year Inshallah and maybe I'll look into it. I tried it, but that ship sunk along the way. Modelling is also a controversial topic  and conflicts with some of my beliefs as  a Christian and as a person. If  I did it, I would curve out my own niche.

Why do you blog?
 I was influenced by my sister and have been blogging since I have another blog on WordPress, you can check it out

How many Languages do you speak? 
I speak English, Swahili Kikuyu and am currently learning French.  Kiswahili is widely spoken in East and Central Africa and Kikuyu is my mother tongue. English is the official language in Kenya.

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