Welcome to DisMuide.
 Hello there, thank you for visiting my blog.  I am Sarah nderi and have created this blog for all natural sistas who got natural hair or want to transition and don't know what products to use, especially in Africa.

When I started my natural hair journey, it was so tough because high-end and foreign products like Eco-Styler gels and cantu gels can be a bit pricey and the demand is waaay higher than the supply thus scarcity. Knowing what products to use was really tough and I watched YouTube videos but none of those products are really available in Kenya, and  if they are available, they are pricey.

I'm going to be doing product reviews of high-end products, as well as other products and giving you a glimpse of how to style your hair.

Walk with me and lets have fun. Cheers!!

PS: I wasn't sure how to write this posts but wrote it anyways.  I am going to give this blog a facelift but in the mean time interact with me in the comment section and feel free to give me any  pointers. xx